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Do I still need a homepage today?

Yes! Not everybody is registered user at major social networks and a homepage is ever a place with an individual impression.


Is the used technology really important?

Yes! Beside modern design and features a website has to be responsive, to be useable on any device and it has to be publishable in perfection when shared.

Social Media

Do I need more than a Facebook® page?

Yes! Some people prefer other portals and you maybe won’t miss to stay in contact with them, too. The more you offer the better your PR.

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What Things To Note? A Few Examples.


For sure, a homepage needs pages with content about you and what you do. But there's a little bit more not to be forgotten. (Especially in EU)
  • Contact Form
  • Imprint
  • Privacy Policy
  • About Cookies &
    the Cookie Bar
  • and more …


The content and special pages should have elements to present you and/or your products or giving the visitors the opportunity to interact.
  • HTML5 Audio/Video
  • Event Calender
  • Booking Request
  • News Blog
  • Portfolio Project/Partner
  • and more …


To sell special editions of a CD and maybe MP3 downloads too and/or T-Shirts, Caps and Cups it needs a fanshop.
  • Product Listings
  • Photos & Details
  • Payment Options
  • On Demand Items
  • and more …


A domain could be registered very easy. But as important as a matching domain name is the hosting performance and functionality. Limits and/or less speed on shared servers could end up in trouble.
  • Reliability
  • Performance
  • Webspace
  • Mail Accounts
  • and more …


Promotion is much more than a homepage and a fanpage. Presence on other sites and portals is a major key fact.
  • Backlinks
  • Radio PR/Play
  • Communites
  • Newsletter
  • and more …


Everyone to his taste. This is for sure. But there is a little bit more in case of design than only the look. Images e.g. should have the right size and quality.
  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Drawings
  • Icons & Tiles
  • and more …

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Of course, a modern website, a nice designs, advertising, promotion and more. All this items come along with costs. But who could pay for this?

In the past we had to realize that musicians and managments struggle with this big problem. And at the end money is gone for high quality instruments and equipment. The wardrobe is filled with fine clothes for the live gigs. And studios want to be paid for production, too.

More than a few artists spend all their heart and power into what they love – the music – until perfection. But the presentation is left behind. To solve those problems very often a good friend is asked if he can do the job as e.g. a webmaster. Mostly the results look like a music hobbyist.

It mustn’t be that way! Let’s talk about cooperation and giving you access to the whole network from S4 Group.

What if a professional support is payable for you? We’re absolutely sure – together we’ll find the perfect solution.

And the special deal is Cost Sharing! We can create packages customized to you. Without paying the full prize for.
You’re a public figure. S4 Group is a global company. So why don’t you pay a part of the costs by publishing ads from/about us?

Let us talk about and we will find the right mix to match your needs within the realms of possibility.

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