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S4 Community

The Community

S4 …the fair community! Great community experience with numerous features. Meet your friends online or find new companions in the international news feed. Discover it all at e.g. pages, groups, music, video, blogs and publish what you are interested in. Take a tour thru the Shop & Experience World and spot the benefits for users. S4 – More than just a simple community !

S4 Network

S4 Community as part of the whole S4 Group is what we like to call “The center of the S4 world”. The community connects all subsidiaries and departments in several ways.

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S4 Community
S4 Community – Music Connects People

S4 Fair4Music is at S4 Community

I never had a better community experience with a woman’s profile. I can perfectly manage what and who to see.
I found so much new friends at S4. I like to spend my daily social network time in this community.
I have so much fun with music at S4 community like rarely before. I love the wishbox from S4 Radio and share my music wishes and greetings with it.
One of the most important things I like at S4 Community is the delete philosophy. When I delete a post or a photo it is deleted.